Mar 01 Wednesday

User Manageable Workflows

This is a small proof of concept idea, to allow users, to manage their own business process workflows, within a web application After not finding anything really suitable, I embarked on building a proof of concept that world be relatively easy to implement, and customisable to the application. Technologies HTML5 SVG CSS3 Vanilla Javascript View […]
May 09 Monday

Dashboard Widgets

Experimenting with another proof of concept. Making CSS & HTML energy dashboard widget. This example use just HTML,CSS & SVG, with the animations being simple CSS animations The animations speed is changed by updating a single property on each animation View Working Example
Apr 04 Monday

Testing my UI Skills

As a primarily a backend/full stack developer I like to test myself, to see if I can do it better. So every now and again, I pick a site that has some challenges This time I picked the Stan website, and attempted to reproduce the homepage with the following criteria Reduce the number of assets […]